Peer Reviewed Publications are organized here according to topic:

Food Insecurity, Health and Climate

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This paper was cited in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fifth assessment report.

Grace, K., F. Davenport*, H. Hanson, C. Funk, S. Shukla*. 2015. Examining the Relationship between Temperature, Rainfall and Low Birth Weight in sub-Saharan Africa. Global Environmental Change, 35:125-137.

The results of this paper highlight the impact of increasing temperature and decreasing rainfall on low birthweight outcomes in selected countries in Africa.  The paper has been cited in numerous media outlets, including:

Climate change negatively affects birth weight, U study finds: press release
Fox 13, featured on NASA Global Climate Change, TechnobahnMedical News TodayThe Daily Utah ChronicleBYU RadioWomen in Academia ReportTakePartYahoo! NewsMSNGeekJournalThe Financial ExpressBefore It’s NewsHealthDayUS News & World Report , ThinkProgress, ParentsU.S. National Library of Medicine, Flex MagSummit County VoiceRedOrbitInternational Business Times, NDTV, NewsMedical, Business StandardCityLabInverseUpdatedNews
BreitbartUPIPhys.OrgScience World Report

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Applied Remote Sensing to Estimate Agricultural Production

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Fertility and Reproductive Health

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